WoW API < GetSelectedStationeryTexture

Gets the selected stationery texture.

local texture = GetSelectedStationeryTexture()

Arguments Edit


Returns Edit

String - The path to the selected stationery's texture.

Details Edit

Not yet fully implemented. Currently it returns "STATIONERYTEST" when the mailbox is open.
It is used to generate a mail background when you want to send a mail to someone, the file "Interface\Stationery\STATIONERYTEST1.blp" is the background (left side) and "Interface\Stationery\STATIONERYTEST2.blp" on the right side. The system is simple, the string returned will be used to find the background image your mail will get.
All files in the Stationery directory go like this: "Interface\Stationery\<string>1.blp"

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