WoW API < GetRestState

Returns whether the player is in a rested (earning double XP for kills) or normal state.

id, name, mult = GetRestState()

Returns Edit

Number - Rest state index; observed values are 1 if the player is "Rested", 2 if the player is in a normal state.
String - Name of the current rest state; observed: "Rested" or "Normal".
Number - XP multiplier applied to experience gain from killing monsters in the current rest state.


rested = GetRestState();
if rested == 1 then
 print("You're rested. Now's the time to maximize experience gain!");
elseif rested == 2 then
 print("You're not rested. Find an inn and camp for the night?");
 print("You've discovered a hitherto unknown rest state. Would you like some coffee?")

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