WoW API < GetRefreshRates

Returns a list of available refresh rates

refreshrate1, refreshrate2, refreshrate3, ... = GetRefreshRates([resolution])


Number resolution (optional)
Index of the resolution you want to get the refresh rates for. Must be an index returned by GetScreenResolutions().
Passing nil defaults this argument to 1, the lowest resolution available.


Number refreshrateN
Value of the Nth refresh rate


for i = 1, select("#", GetRefreshRates()) do
  local entry = select(i, GetRefreshRates())
  DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format('Refresh rate %d: %d Hz', i, entry))


Refresh rate 1: 60 Hz
Refresh rate 2: 75 Hz
Refresh rate 3: 85 Hz
Refresh rate 4: 100 Hz


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