WoW API < GetRealZoneText
ZoneName = GetRealZoneText();

When in an instance, returns the real name of the instance, not the name in the Minimap. (e.g. returns "The Stockade" whereas GetZoneText() returns "Stormwind Stockade"). Otherwise is identical to GetZoneText.

As of 4.? something this is no longer accurate. These appear to return the same thing. For example: GetInstanceInfo, GetRealZoneText, GetZoneText all return "Stormwind Stockade", however GetMapNameByID(GetCurrentMapAreaID()) now returns "The Stockade". As of 5.3, GetRealZoneText/GetZoneText do *not* always match GetMapNameByID or GetInstanceInfo.





String - The real name of an instance or the zone name


 local zoneName = GetRealZoneText();
 message("Zone: "..zoneName);
An error popup appears that could show the following text: "Zone: Stormwind Stockade"

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