WoW API < GetPVPTimer

Returns the amount of time left on your PVP flag.

ms = GetPVPTimer()

Returns Edit

Numbers - Amount of time (in milliseconds) until your PVP flag wears off.

Details Edit

  • If you are flagged for PVP permanently, the function returns 301000.
  • If you are not flagged for PVP the function returns either 301000 or -1.

Example Edit

The following snippet displays your current PVP status:

local sec = math.floor(GetPVPTimer()/1000)
local msg = (not UnitIsPVP("player")) and "You are not flagged for PVP" or 
            (sec==301 and "You are perma-flagged for PVP" or 
             "Your PVP flag wears off in "..(sec>60 and math.floor(sec/60).." minutes " or "")..(sec%60).." seconds")

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