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WoW API < GetPVPSessionStats

Gets the amount of honorable kills and honor points you have for the current session ( today ).

local hk, hp = GetPVPSessionStats();

Arguments Edit


Returns Edit

Integer - Amount of honorable kills you have today, returns 0 if you havn't killed anybody today.
Integer - Estimated honor points for today

Details Edit

Used for retrieving how many honorable kills and honor points you have for today, currently the honor points value is calculated using the estimated honor points from killing an enemy player, and does not take diminishing returns or bonus honor into effect.

Example Edit

Displays how many honorable kills and estimated honor points you have for today.

local hk, hp = GetPVPSessionStats();
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( "You currently have " .. hk .. " honorable kills today, and an estimated " .. hp .. " honor points." );

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