WoW API < GetNumQuestLogEntries

Returns the number of entries in the quest log.

numEntries, numQuests = GetNumQuestLogEntries();



Integer - Number of entries in the Quest Log (includes collapsable area grouping headlines).
Integer - Number of actual quests.

Example Edit

local numEntries, numQuests = GetNumQuestLogEntries()
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(numEntries .. " entries containing " .. numQuests .. " quests in your quest log.");


Displays the number of visible entries (headers and non-collapsed quests) in the quest log and quest count total to the default chat frame.
Warning - numEntries does not count collapsed quests, ie. if all headers are collapsed, numEntries will be zero! numQuests returns the number of quests in the quest log whether they are collapsed or not.

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