WoW API < GetNumGuildMembers

Returns the total and online number of guild members.

numTotalMembers, numOnlineMaxLevelMembers, numOnlineMembers = GetNumGuildMembers();



Integer - total number of people in the guild, or 0 if player is not in a guild.
Integer - total number of people in the guild that are at the level cap, or 0 if player is not in a guild. (Does not include remote chat members)
Integer - number of online people in the guild, or 0 if the player is not in a guild.


local numTotal, numOnlineMaxLevel, numOnline = GetNumGuildMembers();
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(numTotal .. " guild members: " .. numOnline .. " online (" .. numOnlineMaxLevel .. " at maximum level), " .. (numTotal - numOnline) .. " offline.");


Displays the number of people online, offline, and the total headcount of your guild in the default chat frame.


You may need to call GuildRoster() first in order to obtain correct data. May return wrong values immediately after quitting a guild. Maximum returned value is 1000.

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