WoW API < GetNumGroupMembers

Returns the total number of people in your raid or party group.

members = GetNumGroupMembers();

Arguments Edit

groupType (optional)
(partyCategoryType) the type of group.
  • LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_HOME - get the count for a local or manual group. (default)
  • LE_PARTY_CATEGORY_INSTANCE - get the count for a player's automatic group. (default in an instance)

Returns Edit

Number - number of players in your raid or party group, including yourself; or 0 if you are not in a raid or party type group.

Notes Edit

  • While in battlegrounds, this function returns the number of people in the battleground raid group. You may both be in a an automatic type (battleground, arena, finder) raid group and in a normal raid or party group at the same time. Note: as of patch 5.0.4 you can no longer use GetRealNumRaidMembers() to retrieve the number of people in the raid.

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