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Returns information about a merchant's item.

name, texture, price, quantity, numAvailable, isUsable, extendedCost = GetMerchantItemInfo(index)


Arguments Edit

Number - The index of the item in the merchant's inventory

Returns Edit

String - The name of the item
String - The texture that represents the item's icon
Number - The price of the item (in copper). Note that if quantity is greater than one (i.e. the item is sold in batches by default), then this is the price per batch, not the unit price.
Number - The quantity that will be purchased (the batch size, e.g. 5 for vials)
Number - The number of this item that the merchant has in stock. -1 for unlimited stock.
Number - Is 1 if the player can use this item, nil otherwise
Number - Is 1 if the item has extended (PvP) cost info, nil otherwise

Example Edit

local name, texture, price, quantity, numAvailable, isUsable, extendedCost = GetMerchantItemInfo(4);
message(name .. " " .. price .. "c");

Result Edit

A message stating the name and price of the item in merchant slot 4 appears.

See alsoEdit

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