WoW API < GetMapInfo
mapFileName, textureHeight, textureWidth, isMicrodungeon, microDungeonMapName = GetMapInfo();

Return the map information about the current world map texture.


mapFileName, textureHeight, textureWidth
String - The name of the file containing the textures for the current world map (nil for the whole world, BUT the official API catches this with a comment of Temporary Hack and uses the value "World" instead!)
Number - The height of the specified texture (0 if no texture)
Number - The width of the specified texture (0 if no texture) (This is a guess, it's not used in the UI)
Boolean - True if the current map is a MicroDungeon, False otherwise.
String - The name of the map for the current MicroDungeon, if applicable. (ex. ShrineofSevenStars)


Note that the width and height aren't in a consistent order with most of the other API functions. Neither of the values are used by the UI so it's impossible to tell whether this is a deliberate inconsistency or a typo! The return values would appear to imply they are, however, reversed from the usual width, height convention.

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