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WoW API < GetItemInfo

Return information about a specific item.

itemName, itemLink, itemRarity, itemLevel, itemMinLevel, itemType,
itemSubType, itemStackCount, itemEquipLoc, itemTexture, itemSellPrice =
    GetItemInfo(itemID or "itemString" or "itemName" or "itemLink")

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

(itemId or "itemString" or "itemName" or "itemLink")
Integer - The numeric ID of the item. ie. 12345
String - The full item ID in string format, e.g. "item:12345:0:0:0:0:0:0:0".
Also supports partial itemStrings, by filling up any missing ":x" value with ":0", e.g. "item:12345:0:0:0"
String - The Name of the Item, ex: "Hearthstone"
The item must have been equiped, in your bags or in your bank once in this session for this to work.
String - The itemLink, when Shift-Clicking items.

Returns Edit

"itemName", "itemLink", itemRarity, itemLevel, itemMinLevel, "itemType", "itemSubType", itemStackCount, "itemEquipLoc", "invTexture", "itemSellPrice"
String - The name of the item.
String - The item Link; you will see the clickable Link instead of the string. (String, such as: "|cFFFFFFFF|Hitem:12345:0:0:0|h[Item Name]|h|r")
Integer - The quality of the item. The value is 0 to 7, which represents Poor to Heirloom.
Integer - The item level of this item.
Integer - The minimum level required to use the item, 0 meaning no level requirement.
String - The type of the item: Armor, Weapon, Quest, Key, etc.
String - The sub-type of the item: Enchanting, Cloth, Sword, etc. See itemType.
Integer - How many of the item per stack: 20 for Runecloth, 1 for weapon, 100 for Alterac Ram Hide, etc.
String - Where the item may be equipped, if it can. If not equippable, this is an empty string, "". The string returned is also the name of a global string variable, i.e. for "INVTYPE_HEAD", _G["INVTYPE_HEAD"] is a localized, displayable name of the location.
String (number) - Texture Id of the item icon.
Integer - Items vendor value, in copper. Will need to be parsed into gold, silver, copper. Format ggggsscc.

Example Edit

local sName, sLink, iRarity, iLevel, iMinLevel, sType, sSubType, iStackCount = GetItemInfo(16846);


Message box will pop-up with - "Giantstalker's Helmet,4,Armor,1".


  • If you have never seen the item that belongs to the Item ID or Item Link it will return nil.
  • All string returns (itemName, itemType, itemSubType) are localized. Prior to 1.9, itemEquipLoc was localized also.

Changes Edit

  • Patch 3.2 - 11th returned value is the Vendor Sell Price for that item.
  • Patch 7.0.3 - itemTexture is now returned as a texture id, type number, rather than the full texture path as a string from before.

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