WoW API < GetInventoryItemCooldown

Get cooldown information for an inventory item.

start, duration, enable = GetInventoryItemCooldown("unit", slotId)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

("unit", slotId)
String - The UnitId of the unit whose inventory is to be queried.
Numeric - The inventory slot to be queried, obtained via GetInventorySlotInfo.

Returns Edit

start, duration, enable
Numeric - The start time of the cooldown period, or 0 if there is no cooldown (or no item in the slot)
Numeric - The duration of the cooldown period (NOT the remaining time). 0 if the item has no use/cooldown or the slot is empty.
Numeric - Returns 1 or 0. 1 if the inventory item is capable of having a cooldown, 0 if not.

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