WoW API < GetGuildBankWithdrawGoldLimit
dailyGoldWithdrawlLimit = GetGuildBankWithdrawGoldLimit()

Parameters Edit

Arguments none


Number - amount (in GOLD) the currently selected Guild Rank can withdraw per day


In order for this to work properly, you need to have a rank set in the guildControl

Example of checking the daily limit for the currently logged on character...

-- create somewhere to store the result and default it
local dailyGoldWithdrawlLimit = 0
-- need to get the guildRankIndex for the currently logged on player
guildName, _, guildRankIndex = GetGuildInfo("player")
-- guildName is nil if the character isn't in a guild
if (guildName ~= nil) then
-- This character is in a guild, so set the current rank so the limit will work
dailyGoldWithdrawlLimit = GetGuildBankWithdrawGoldLimit()
NOTE: this return value is in GOLD unlike many other currency returns in WOW where they give you copper pieces...

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