WoW API < GetCursorPosition

Returns the cursor's position on the screen.


Arguments Edit


Returns Edit

Number - The cursor's x-position on the screen.
Number - The cursor's y-position on the screen.

Example Edit

 local x, y = GetCursorPosition();

Result Edit

x = 956.24999166082;
y = 538.49999965651;

Details Edit

Returns scale-independent coordinates similar to Cursor:GetCenter() if 'Cursor' was a valid frame. You can use this value relative to UIParent if you treat BOTTOMLEFT as 0,0. Remember to also apply scale.

Notes Edit

To apply scale, divide both x and y by the value returned by UIParent:GetEffectiveScale()
The coordinates returned by this use BOTTOMLEFT as the origin, not TOPLEFT. This means [0, 0] is the exact bottom-left point on the screen.

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