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Returns information about an entry in the currency list.

name, isHeader, isExpanded, isUnused, isWatched, count, extraCurrencyType, icon, itemID
 = GetCurrencyListInfo(index)

Arguments Edit

Number - index, ascending from 1 to GetCurrencyListSize().

Return values Edit

String - localized currency (or currency header) name.
Boolean - true if this entry is a header, false otherwise.
Boolean - true if this entry is an expanded header, false otherwise.
Boolean - true if this entry is a currency marked as unused, false otherwise.
Boolean - true if this entry is a currency currently displayed on the backpack, false otherwise.
Number - amount of this currency in the player's possession (0 for headers).
Number - 1 for arena points, 2 for honor points; 0 otherwise (an item-based currency).
String - path to the icon texture for item-based currencies, invalid for arena/honor points.
Number - item ID corresponding to this item-based currency, invalid for arena/honor points.

Notes Edit

  • Information about currencies under collapsed headers is available; it is up to the UI code to respect the isExpanded flag.
  • Indices are generally based on localized alphabetic order.
  • The headers "contain" all currencies with index greater than theirs until the next header. This is not a nested structure.
  • Marking a currency as unused alters its index, as the currency is moved down the list to fit under an "Unused" header.

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