WoW API < GetBonusBarOffset

Returns the current bonus action bar index.

offset = GetBonusBarOffset()

Parameters Edit




offset - Number 
The current bonus action bar index.

Details Edit

Certain classes have "bonus action bars" for their class-specific actions, e.g. the various Stance Bars for the Warrior class. GetBonusBarOffset() returns the index of the current action bar that is being displayed. Note that simply scrolling through the action bar pages won't change the output; only switching to the different bonus bars. Each class has their own way of indexing their bonus bars.


  • Battle Stance: 1
  • Defensive Stance: 2
  • Berserker Stance: 3


  • Caster: 0
  • Cat: 1
  • Tree of Life: 2
  • Bear: 3
  • Moonkin: 4


  • Normal: 0
  • Stealthed: 1


  • Normal: 0
  • Shadowform: 1

All Characters

  • When Possessing a Target: 5

Example Edit

/script ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetBonusBarOffset())

This will simply print the output of GetBonusBarOffset(). It should change as you change between your bonus bars.

slotID = (1 + (NUM_ACTIONBAR_PAGES + GetBonusBarOffset() - 1) * NUM_ACTIONBAR_BUTTONS)

Here, slotID will be the action slot number for the first slot of the current bonus bar. For example, for a Warrior in Defensive Stance, slotID = 85, which is correct. (ActionSlot)

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