Get list of battleground specific columns on the scoreboard


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Integer - Column to get data for

Returns Edit

String - Name of the column (eg: Flags Captured)
String - Icon displayed when on the scoreboard rows (eg: Horde flag icon next to the flag captures of an Alliance player)
String - Tooltip displayed when hovering over a column's name

Details Edit

Used to retrieve the custom scoreboard columns inside a battleground.

Warsong Gulch Edit

  • Flags Captured
  • Flags Returned

Arathi Basin Edit

  • Bases Assaulted
  • Bases Defended

Alterac Valley Edit

  • Graveyards Assaulted
  • Graveyards Defended
  • Towers Assaulted
  • Towers Defended
  • Mines Captured
  • Leaders Killed
  • Secondary Objectives

WoW API < GetBattlefieldStatInfo

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