WoW API < GetBackpackCurrencyInfo

Returns information about a currency item currently being shown as part of the backpack.

name, count, extraCurrencyType, icon, itemid = GetBackpackCurrencyInfo(id)

Arguments Edit

Number - Index, ascending from 1 to GetNumWatchedTokens().

Return values Edit

String - Localized currency name; or nil if the id argument is out of range.
Number - Amount of this currency currently possessed by the player.
Number - 0 for item-based currencies, 1 for arena points, 2 for honor points.
String - Path to the item-based currency texture; invalid for arena/honor points.
Number - Item ID of the item-based currency item; invalid for arena/honor points.

Notes Edit

  • As of 3.2, up to 3 currencies may be tracked as part of the backpack display. The function does not raise errors on out of range indices.

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