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WoW API < GetAchievementCriteriaInfo

Returns information about the given Achievement's specified criteria.

criteriaString, criteriaType, completed, quantity, reqQuantity, 
 charName, flags, assetID, quantityString, criteriaID = 
 GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(criteriaID or achievementID, criteriaNum);

Arguments Edit

(achievementID, criteriaNum)

Number - The ID of the Achievement
Number - The number for the specific criteria. Between 1 and GetAchievementNumCriteria(achievementID)


Number - The ID of the criteria.

Warning: If you use criteriaID as an argument, do not include a number as the second argument or the client will crash.

Returns Edit

criteriaString, criteriaType, completed, quantity, reqQuantity, charName, flags, assetID, quantityString, criteriaID
String - The name of the criteria
Integer - The type of criteria. Values currently unknown.
Boolean - If the criteria is completed or not.
Integer - The current quantity for the criteria. Usually 0 or 1.
Integer - The required quantity for the criteria. Used mostly in achievements with progress bars. Usually 0.
String - The name of the Player.
Integer - Some flags. Currently unknown purpose.
Integer - Critera data whose meaning depends on the type.
String - The string used to display the current quantity. Usually the string form of the quantity return.
Integer - Unique criteria identifier.

Notes Edit

Here's a list of criteria types I've figured out. If someone wants to clean this list up a bit, they're welcome to.

 -- 0 is a monster kill, asset is the monster ID
 -- 1 is winning PvP objectives in a thorough manner (holding all bases, controlling all flags)
 -- 7 is weapon skill, asset is probably a skill ID of some sort
 -- 8 is another achievement, asset is achievement ID
 -- 9 is completing quests globally
 -- 10 is completing a daily quest every day
 -- 11 is completing quests in specific areas
 -- 14 is completing daily quests
 -- 27 is a quest, asset is quest ID
 -- 28 is getting a spell cast on you, asset is a spell ID
 -- 29 is casting a spell (often crafting), asset is a spell ID
 -- 30 is PvP objectives (flags, assaulting, defending)
 -- 31 is PvP kills in battleground PvP locations
 -- 32 is winning ranked arena matches in specific locations (asset is probably a location ID)
 -- 34 is the Squashling (owning a specific pet?), asset is the spell ID
 -- 35 is PvP kills while under the influence of something
 -- 36 is acquiring items (soulbound), asset is an item ID
 -- 37 is winning arenas
 -- 41 is eating or drinking a specific item, asset is item ID
 -- 42 is fishing things up, asset is item ID
 -- 43 is exploration, asset is a location ID?
 -- 45 is purchasing 7 bank slots
 -- 46 is exalted rep, asset is presumably some kind of faction ID
 -- 47 is 5 reputations to exalted
 -- 49 is equipping items, asset is a slot ID (quality is presumably encoded into flags)
 -- 52 is killing specific classes of player
 -- 53 is kill-a-given-race, asset is race ID?
 -- 54 is using emotes on targets, asset ID is likely the emote ID
 -- 56 is being a wrecking ball in Alterac Valley
 -- 62 is getting gold from quest rewards
 -- 67 is looting gold
 -- 68 is reading books
 -- 70 is killing players in world PvP locations
 -- 72 is fishing things from schools or wreckage
 -- 73 is killing Mal'Ganis on Heroic. Why? Who can say.
 -- 75 is obtaining mounts
 -- 109 is fishing, either in general or in specific locations
 -- 110 is casting spells on specific targets, asset ID is the spell ID
 -- 112 is learning cooking recipes
 -- 113 is honorable kills

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