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Sets the text of the tooltip.


("text" [, r, g, b, alphaValue, textWrap])

String - The text of the new tooltip. Variable can be used inplace of a string.
Optional - range 0 to 1 - red color value for text string
Optional - range 0 to 1 - green color value for text string
Optional - range 0 to 1 - blue color value for text string
Optional - Range - 0 to 1 specifies the transparency of the text. 0=transparent 1=Opaque, default
Optional - Boolean specifying whether to wrap the text string to fit the tooltip box. 1 = Wrap, 0 = Don't wrap. Default: 0 Note: When using this flag the tooltip width is set at a preset size (about the size of the ability tooltips on spells.). Long tooltips will go off the side of the screen if this is not set. Alternatively you can simply use a "\n" in the "text" arg to force a new line.

If optional parameters are not specified the text defaults to Gold color, Full Opaque, and NON-wrapped.


   GameTooltip:SetText("This is my awesome tooltip!", 0.5, 0.5, 0.5,  0.75, 1)

Would result in a semi transparent, greyish colored tooltip that would probably be wrapped to a second line due to the textWrap flag and its length.

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