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Returns how tall the string would be, in pixels, without wrapping:

Height= MyFontString:GetStringHeight();

Note Edit

  • The height of the text will take into account manually set line breaks ("\n" characters).
  • This does not necessarily correlate with the height of the FontString object, see the FontString object information for details.
  • If you want to use this to set the height of a FontString object after setting its text, you will need to make sure the initial size of the FontString object is big enough to allow the text. EXAMPLE: If the object will fit 2 lines, and you set the text to a 4 line string, the string will be truncated with "..." when it is set by SetText(), and this function will return the height of 2 lines of text instead of 4.
MyFrameText:SetHeight(1000); -- Arbitrary number, this is about 83 lines of text, assuming ~12 pixels each
print(MyFrameText:GetHeight(); -- We will see that the new frame height is about 48.

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