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Inherits all font attributes from another font.


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

A reference to a font object, a name of a font object, or nil

Example Edit


Notes: Edit

Many font objects are predefined in [DEPRECATED Fonts.xml] in FrameXML. Anything from which one can inherit a <FontString> is a font object.

Some of the font objects in the game:

  • GameFontNormal
  • GameFontNormalSmall
  • GameFontNormalLarge
  • GameFontHighlight
  • GameFontHighlightSmall
  • GameFontHighlightSmallOutline
  • GameFontHighlightLarge
  • GameFontDisable
  • GameFontDisableSmall
  • GameFontDisableLarge
  • GameFontGreen
  • GameFontGreenSmall
  • GameFontGreenLarge
  • GameFontRed
  • GameFontRedSmall
  • GameFontRedLarge
  • GameFontWhite
  • GameFontDarkGraySmall
  • NumberFontNormalYellow
  • NumberFontNormalSmallGray
  • QuestFontNormalSmall
  • DialogButtonHighlightText
  • ErrorFont
  • TextStatusBarText
  • CombatLogFont

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