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WoW API < EquipmentManager:UnpackLocation
Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/EquipmentManager.lua].

Takes an integer location value as returned by GetEquipmentSetLocations and returns unpacked location info.

player, bank, bags, slot, bag = EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation(location)

Arguments Edit

integer - This is the integer returned for a specific slot by GetEquipmentSetLocations

Returns Edit

player, bank, bags, slot, bag
boolean - Is the item currently available to the player (either equipped, or in the player's bags)
boolean - Is the item in the bank (only true if the item is in the bank, and the player has the bank frame open)
boolean - Is the item in a bag (if bank is also true, then it is in a bank bag)
integer - Which slot number is the item in, may be an inventory slot or bag slot (see notes)
integer - Which bag is the item in (nil if bags is false)

Notes Edit

If player or bank is true and bags is false, then slot is an inventory location - i.e. the item is either equipped in the given inventory slot or in the given bank slot.

If bags is true, then bag is a bag number and slot is the slot number of that bag where the item is located.

Example Edit

local array = {}; -- It is always a good idea to use a reusable array if calling GetEquipmentSetLocations multiple times.
function FindMainHand(eqset) -- let eqset be a string equal to the name of a valid equipment set

    GetEquipmentSetLocations(eqset, array);
    local player, bank, bags, slot, bag = EquipmentManager_UnpackLocation(array[16]); -- 16 is the Main Hand weapon slot

    if (player and not bags) then
        print("The Main Hand is equipped in slot #", slot);

    elseif (player and bags) then
        print("The Main Hand is in bag #", bag, "in slot #", slot);

    elseif (bank and not bags) then
        print("The Main Hand is in bank slot #", slot);

    elseif (bank and bags) then
        print("The Main Hand is in bank bag #", bag, "in slot #", slot);

        print("The Main Hand could not be found.");

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