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This function reads text entered into the editBox, tries to convert it into a number, and returns corresponding numerical value, or 0 if text didn't look like a number.

num = editBox:GetNumber()

Arguments Edit


Returns Edit

number entered in the EditBox

Details Edit

This function proves to be very useful when reading in numbers. While GetText() will return a string, which you can't perform any arithmetic operations or comparison with, this function converts the TextString to a number. This will even work for all strings that are considered as well formed numerical constants in lua (so it will work for '314.16e-2' too).

Function will scan editbox text and return once it finds text which cannot be interpreted as part of a number. It will return number recognized so far, or 0 if there were no valid digits recognized. The function will never return nil. For example (User input => Function returns):

  • ":)" => 0
  • "123punks! 42" => 123
  • "-2.78" => -2.7799999713898
  • "+3.15" => 0
  • "222e-03" => 0.22200000286102
  • "0.31415926536e+1" => 3.1415927410126
  • "14e6" => 14000000
  • "21,000" => 21

Note Edit

To verify that a 0 returned is indeed the numerical value in the editbox field, convert the results of GetNumber() to a string using tostring(), and compare to the results of GetText().

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