WoW API < CastSpell

Casts a specificed spell

CastSpell(spellID, spellbookType);


Integer - Spell ID.
String - Spellbook type. Valid values are "spell" (BOOKTYPE_SPELL) and "pet" (BOOKTYPE_PET). All players use "spell". Hunters and Warlocks may have additional tabs on the bottom when pets are summoned. Warlocks have Demon, which corresponnds to "pet" spellbook type.


CastSpell(1, "spell");
Casts the first spell listed in the spellbook (usually Alchemy or Attack).


Use "spell" or SpellBookFrame.booktype as the spellbookType for any non-pet spell. The id is counted from 1 through all spell types (tabs on the right side of SpellBookFrame). Pet spells also start from 1. (See example above). The CastSpell function can not be used outside Blizzard-signed code except when "casting" trade skills (e.g. Cooking, Alchemy, etc.).

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