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Casts Shapeshift on yourself. This is class dependent - not all classes have special abilities.


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

relates to the different forms:
  • 1 = Bear/Dire Bear Form
  • 2 = Aquatic Form
  • 3 = Cat Form
  • 4 = Travel Form
  • 5 = Moonkin Form
  • 1 = Stealth
  • 1 = Battle Stance
  • 2 = Defensive Stance
  • 3 = Beserker Stance

Returns Edit


Example Edit


Result Edit

Shapeshifts caster into Bear Form.

Note Edit

Note, casting the spell again changes back to caster form. So, for instance;

 if (GetNumShapeshiftForms()==1) then CastShapeshiftForm(1);end;

In this case, the script checks if you're in Bear/Dire Bear form, and if so, casts the spell to change you back to Caster form. It has the same restrictions as other casting spells in that the trigger event needs to involve a keystroke or mouse click.

To use a particular shape in a macro and avoiding error messages, use:

 /script icon, name, active = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(index);if (active==1) then CastShapeshiftForm(index);end;

where index is the number of the shape as given above.

Example Edit

This Example shows how to return to your human form out of any other form.

 for i=1, GetNumShapeshiftForms() do
    _, name, active = GetShapeshiftFormInfo(i);
    if( active ~= nil ) then
       DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("SQS: leaving '""'");

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