Inv misc platnumdisks Neutral 15 50 Stone Keeper's Shards 10 Money achievement
Loot 50 [Stone Keeper's Shards].

This achievement counts only shards looted from bosses while your faction has control of wintergrasp. [1]

See [Stone Keeper's Shard] for more details on how to acquire shards.


  1. Money achievement 50 Stone Keeper's Shards
  2. Money achievement 100 Stone Keeper's Shards
  3. Money achievement 250 Stone Keeper's Shards
  4. Money achievement 500 Stone Keeper's Shards
  5. Money achievement 1000 Stone Keeper's Shards

References Edit

  1. ^ Bornakk 2009-06-30. Forum bluepost. Retrieved on 2009-07-14. “Some changes may come to this achievement, but it was confirmed that it is functioning as intended.”

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