100000 Honorable Kills

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Achievement pvp p 15 Neutral 15 100000 Honorable Kills 10 Money achievement
Get 100000 honorable kills.
Reward: Title: Official horde mini-iconOf the Horde/Official alliance mini-iconOf the Alliance

This achievement rewards the title Of the Horde for Official horde mini-iconHorde players or Of the Alliance for Official alliance mini-iconAlliance players.

The title is formatted like this:

<name> of the Horde/Alliance


  1. Money achievement An Honorable Kill
  2. Money achievement 100 Honorable Kills
  3. Money achievement 500 Honorable Kills
  4. Money achievement 1000 Honorable Kills
  5. Money achievement 5000 Honorable Kills
  6. Money achievement 10000 Honorable Kills
  7. Money achievement 25000 Honorable Kills
  8. Money achievement 50000 Honorable Kills
  9. Money achievement 100000 Honorable Kills

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