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This article covers the cumulative AddOn UI Customization and Macro API changes for Patch 1.10.1. See API change summaries for a list of API change summaries for all patches.
API change summaries

Interface Customization » WoW API » API change summaries » Patch 1.10.1/API changes

Upcoming 1.10.1 changes Edit

  • Updated CheckBox:SetCheckedTexture to accept a texture object like the other texture functions.
  • Slider:SetThumbTexture(Texture or "texturePath")
  • Fixed overall script memory usage increase in 1.10.
  • Skip UTF-8 byte-order marker at the start of .toc files.
  • Added Lua collectgarbage() function.
  • Fixed CastSpellByName and pet spells when pet is not available (Behaves like 1.9 rather than failing with unknown spell error)

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