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| image = "Swamp Eye" Jarl.jpg
| level = 42
| level = 42

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NeutralNPC 32"Swamp Eye" Jarl
"Swamp Eye" Jarl
Gender Male
Race Human
Level 42
Location Dustwallow Marsh
See Icon-3D-48x48

"Swamp Eye" Jarl is a level 42 quest giver located at Swamplight Manor [55, 26] in the contested territory of Dustwallow Marsh. He is a famous, if quite peculiar, cook.

See List of Dustwallow Marsh NPCs.


He starts the following quests:


"You got the eyes! You got the eyes! Tasty, tasty spider eyes! Some eyes... when you stare at them they stare back. Eat those last. They keep you company... out in the swamp. Hello, little spider eyes. Hello! You taste like chicken. Gooey, salty chicken! Mmmh. "

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