"Silvermoon" Harry is a human pirate who can be found at Scalawag Point. He has some kind of obsession with blood elves. Alanya is his companion.



This vendor sells:
Inv weapon shortblade 18
Inv staff 08
Inv shirt 01
Inv pants 02
Inv pants mail 03
Inv weapon shortblade 07


Blood elf treaure's unlike any other. It's not just the gold or the silk or gems used as materials, sin'dorei craftsmanship is valuable in and of itself.

When asked about his debt
Do not rest me, scurvy dog! I'm trained in the way of the Blood Knights!


"Silvermoon" Harry is implying that if you bring any materials back to him while making the quests The Ancient Armor of the Kvaldir, The Frozen Heart of Isuldof or The Staff of Storm's Fury he would kill you. This is however, not true. He will still be friendly having the items in your inventory.

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