"Dusty" Brandom

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| name = "Dusty" Brandom|id=68492
| image = WoW_NPC_Dusty_Brandom.jpg
| level = 25
| faction = Neutral
| city = Darkmoon Faire
| health = 1,398
| aggro = Alliance Horde

"Dusty" Brandom[51.4, 24.4] is a level 25 NPC located at the entrance of Darkmoon Island. He loans players a 60% speed Tallstrider mount, which you can use to ride to the Faire.


  • "Dusty" Brandom says: Welcome to the Darkmoon Island! Feel free to ride one of these lovely beasts down to the Faire.
  • "Dusty" Brandom says: Hey there! Need a ride? Hop on a tallstrider!
  • "Dusty" Brandom says: If you need a ride down, take one of these babies!
  • "Dusty" Brandom says: Majestic forest striders! Free rides down to the Darkmoon Faire!

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