"Buckets" Cleary is the laundry boy at the Westfall Brigade Encampment in Grizzly Hills, and appears to have earned himself the ire of Private Molsen for an embarassing mix-up.


Private Molsen says: Brrrr... It's cold up here.
Private Molsen says: Buckets! Where's my laundry?
"Buckets" Cleary says: I'm working on it, Molsen. If you want it done faster, do it yourself.
Private Molsen says: No way.
Private Molsen says: I'm a soldier, Buckets. You know, a fighting man... You're the laundry boy.
Private Molsen says: And not a very good one! Remember what you did to my tabard?
"Buckets" Cleary says: That was entirely your own fault, Molsen. Maybe you'll know to separate your colors from now on...
Private Molsen says: The tabard was pink when I got it back, Buckets. Pink! Think about that...
Private Molsen says: The whole squad laughed at me for a week! Don't let it happen again!
"Buckets" Cleary says: Fine. Have it your way.
"Buckets" Cleary flings the laundry in his buckets into the nearby cauldron.
Private Molsen says: What's wrong with you? That was dinner!
"Buckets" Cleary laughs.
"Buckets" Cleary says: Now it's laundry.
Private Molsen says: You're dead, Buckets! You hear me? Dead!


Believed to be a reference to Detroit Red Wings center/right winger Daniel Cleary, occasionally referred to "Charlie Buckets".[1]

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