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* an illusion.
* an illusion.
*All you know...will fade...
*All you know...will fade...
==Yogg-Saron and the world tree==
With the world tree up in northrend being corrupted, is it possible yogg entered the dream via the tree before it was torn down.

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Neutral 32Yogg-Saron
Race Forgotten one
Affiliation Old Gods
Location Deep beneath Grizzly Hills
Status Alive

The Old god Yogg-Saron is the Forgotten One that King Arthas the Death Knight fought alongside Anub'arak in the Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Undead Campaign Chapter 7 [1]. Described by the resurrected Ursoc as "the beast with a thousand maws", Yogg-Saron is only the second of the Old Gods to be explicitly named as such. Apparently Yogg-Saron dwells deep beneath the Grizzly Hills of Northrend, where the roots of the failed World Tree Vordrassil have penetrated his lair. Through these roots Yogg-Saron corrupted the tree, as well as the Grizzlemaw Furbolgs that moved into its shattered stump.

Slinkin the Demo-gnome, killed while investigating the Wintergarde Mine, discovered before his death that the Scourge are apparently at odds with Yogg-Saron. His last note indicates that the word "Yogg-Saron" is said with great contempt and is usually followed by loud outbursts. The Scourge are mining Saronite in the Wintergarde Mine to fuel their war machines, implying that it is a material derived from Yogg-Saron. It can likewise be assumed that the new metal Yoggthorite is also associated with Yogg-Saron.

Yogg-Saron's underground lair might extend across the Dragonblight and the Grizzly Hills, if not beyond. He has even managed to corrupt Loken - a previous servant of the Pantheon - and his followers, that are located in Ulduar.


The world tree Vordrassil corrupted by Yogg-Saron

Wrath of the Lich King

It is currently unknown when or if players will be able to confront Yogg-Saron, though his influences can already be felt in the widespread presence of Saronite. In the words of Ursoc himself:

"The druids of old were wise to tear down Vordrassil, for its roots seep deep into the dwelling of an ancient evil. You know their kind as Old Gods. Beware Yogg-Saron, the beast with a thousand maws. His evil extends beyond Vordrassil's roots."

Yogg-Saron may be related to the Nerubian's worship of Old Gods.

It is very well possible that he Yogg-Saron is the endboss of the Ulduar Raid.

The majority of the whispers are heard in the Howling Fjord, as well as some that will be used in Ahn'kahet.

Significance of the name

  • Yogg-Saron's name is likely derived from Yog-Sothoth and Sauron.
  • Another possiablity is from Norse Mythology, which is strong in Wrath of the Lich King (Vrykul and Some Titans/Dark Titans have bits and pieces of Norse Mythology) is Yggdrasil which is similar to Warcraft's world trees.


Howling Fjord Whispers:

  • They are coming for you...
  • Give in to your fear...
  • Kill them all...before they kill you...
  • They have turned against, take your revenge...
  • Turn loose and forget...that these are truly your friends...
  • There is no escape...not in this life...not in the next...
  • You are a pawn of forces unseen...
  • It was your fault...


  • You will be alone in the end...
  • your weakness...
  • an illusion.
  • All you know...will fade...

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