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This page is considered a guideline on WoWWiki.

It illustrates standards of conduct, which many editors agree with in principle. However, it is not policy.

The citation of sources provides a way to ensure that the information contained in this wiki is correct, and defuses the common criticism that information in a wiki is unreliable. Providing citations is especially helpful where different sources describe two conflicting versions of lore.

Citation templates


The {{cite}} template is deprecated. Please use the format just below it.

That said, this is preserved to maintain documentation: It can be used to cite to manuals, novels, and other published works in the Warcraft universe. Note that <ref> is preferred. Note that {{cite}} should not be used within said reference tags. Under no circumstances should cite be used in infoboxes.

  • In the text where you want to create a citation, use the cite template.
  • After the first pipe, write the appropriate abbreviation from WoWWiki:Citation index.
  • After the second pipe, include a page number.

Ref and related

{{Ref}} and the other <ref> related templates found in Category:Citation templates should be the template of choice when dealing with citations, especially for more experienced WoWWikians. Said templates are used within the <ref></ref> tags to create a standard look for citing sources. One must also remember to add <references/> to the end of the article under a References section (== References ==), but some people prefer to use a Notes section (== Notes ==) or a Sources section (== Sources ==). For further documentation, see the templates' respective talk pages.



Many [[cleric]]s were killed during the [[First War]].{{cite|W2Man|44}}

Many clerics were killed during the First War.[1] (W2Man 44)

Garona's full name is [[Garona Halforcen]].{{cite|LG|256}}

Garona's full name is Garona Halforcen.[2] (LG 256)

Offsite citations

Citations to other websites can easily be added by enclosing the hyperlink in square brackets, however, it is preferable that such citations use the ref tags with the respective template {{ref web}}.


The former

According to [[Caydiem]], [[Garona]] is half [[draenei]].[]

According to Caydiem, Garona is half draenei.[1]
The latter

According to [[Caydiem]], [[Garona]] is half [[draenei]].<ref>{{ref web |title = Racial Class choices... |accessdate = 2007-07-19 |author = Falariel |coauthors = Caydiem |url = |date = 2005-09-25 |archiveurl = |archivedate = 2005-09-25}}</ref>

According to Caydiem, Garona is half draenei.[3]

Requests for citations

If a fact is quoted in an article which might be under dispute or can not be verified, the {{Fact}} template can be added where a citation would go. An explanation of why a source is needed should also be placed on the article's discussion page. Articles with this template will appear in Category:Statements needing citations.

If an entire article or section of an article is of unclear source, add the {{Source needed}} template. Articles with this template will appear in Category:Articles needing citations.


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