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== New requests ==
== New requests ==
* Parse [[:Category:Stubs/Item]] and make an '''external''' list of links to nearly empty stubs (ie less than ~100 characters total on the page).
* Parse [[:Category:Stubs/Item]] and make an '''external''' list of links to nearly empty stubs (ie less than ~100 characters total on the page).
* Add census data from to server subpages ([[Server:<insertname>/Census]]). See [] and [] for more info.
== Perpetual ==
== Perpetual ==

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Here you can request massive repetitive changes on specific pages and a bot user might take care of it at some point. List is sorted by order of importance.

New requests


  • Change all guild pages to abide by the naming regulations of WoWWiki. Specifically, put all guild pages into the "Guild:" namespace, checking to see if there already exists a guild of that name. Also including a {{DEFAULTSORT:Guild name here}} would be nice.



  • Deprecate Category:Quests:<Horde, Alliance, Neutral> for Category:<Horde, Alliance, Neutral> quests using wikipedia:Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser
  • Deprecate {{elinksset}} for {{elinks-set}}
  • Deprecate {{elinksspell}} for {{elinks-spell}}.
  • Move all subzone articles from [[Category:Zone:(Zone)]] to [[Category:(Zone) subzones]]. Refer to the Zone Navbars for a list of subzones.
  • Remove Category:AddOns from all articles and place {{addon}} at the very start of the page instead
  • Deprecate current usage of {{elinks}} to "== External links ==" (approximately 350 usages)
  • Deprecate {{Code}} {{Code/Begin}} {{Code/End}}. These should be replaced with direct html tags, {{{1}}}, <pre> and </pre>, respectively.
  • Remove all calls to {{tocleft}}
  • Remove ALL instances of {{Bc}} and {{Bcarticle}}.
  • Deprecate {{gsc}} / {{gs}} / {{gc}} / {{sc}} / {{g}} / {{s}} / {{c}} for {{Cost}}.
  • Fix many item pages' [[Template:Icon|Icon]] due to template changes.
  • Deprecate {{AB Mark}} / {{AV Mark}} / {{WSG Mark}} for {{Cost}}
  • Deprecate {{common}} / {{uncommon}} / {{rare}} / {{epic}} for {{Quality}}
  • Move all instances of {{bc}} to the first line on a page.
  • Update [[Template:Elinksitem]] and [[Template:Elinksmob]] links.
  • Move [[Category:Armor:Waist]] content to Category:Belts.
  • Move [[Category:Armor:Feet]] content to Category:Boots.
  • Move [[Category:Armor:Hands]] content to Category:Gloves.
  • Deprecate {{500club}} / {{1000club}} / {{2500club}} / {{5000club}} / {{10000club}} / {{25000club}} / {{50000club}} for {{Wwclub}}
  • Deprecate {{Elinksquest}} for {{Elinks-quest}}
  • Deprecate {{Questtb}} for {{Questlong}}.
  • Replace all instances of "External Links" with "External links". This has been done, however only in the main namespace check the Talk section for more info
  • Requesting a bot to fix a misspelled word added to lots of articles by another bot. All instances of "droped" should be "dropped". (Along with mode/arg update for tooltips)
  • Related: Move all articles with usage such as Category:(Place):(Sub-place) to Category:(sub-place) (done, if tagged with {{correct2category}})
  • Fix outdated user templates so that pages use new versions of these templates. When it is done, the old ones can be deleted.

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