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== '''LOLRET''' ==
{{Infobox Warcraft character
| image = Peregrine WoWwiki.JPG
| name = Peregrine Faithbearer (self-named)
| gender = Male
| race = [[Human]]
| character = [[Paladin]]
| affiliation = Eternal Sin, formerly [[Knights of the Rose]], Dragon Rider Exiles and [[DragonLance]]
| occupation = Officer and Paladin Leader of DragonLance
| status = Killable - just catch me while I'm AFK
| relatives = Lecaniveau (father)
| server = [[Staghelm]]
{{Wowbox/End}}Peregrine2976 is a level 70 Human Holy Paladin (only specced Holy for Karazhan, is usually Retribution) named Peregrine on the Staghelm Server. He is currently a member of Eternal Sin (former Guild Master of <Dragon Rider Exiles>, Paladin Leader of <[[DragonLance]]>, and member of [[Knights of the Rose]] - see below), and very interested in the lore, particularly that concerning [[Illidan]], [[Medivh]], and the [[Lich King]].
== World of Warcraft Stats ==
Peregrine's Armory Page:
Image:Peregrine Ashbringer.JPG
Image:Peregrine Ashbrigerx2.JPG
Image:Peregrine SH.JPG
Image:Peregrine SH 2.JPG
== PvP ==
Arena Teams: 1 (2v2) <br> [[Image:Peregrine Avatar.JPG]]
Name: Fear and Bubblehearth
*Peregrine (Paladin)
*Sushichef (Warlock)
*Darson (Warrior)
Lifetime Honorable Kills: 3137
== Alternate Characters ==
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] Derroman (Warlock)
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] Daemonn (Mage)
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] PvPmonster (Twink, Rogue)
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] Chãos (Hunter)
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] Garethe (Warrior)
*[[Image:Alliance 32.gif]] Restalaan (Twink, Paladin)
== Famous Quotes ==
*"Get the hell off my forums."
*"I refuse to respec something useful... er... I mean, to something else."
*"If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, and it hits a mime, does anyone care?"
*"What the hell is a "dong of war"?"
*"Go hug a dev, you hippi."
*"Wait, wait wait... so you're telling me you know more about the spec I've played since level 10 than I do? When you're only experience is a brief respec period at level 70 to arena for a while? I am in awe, you must be, like, the world's fastest learner!"
*"Where's my Ashbringer dammit!?!"
== Contributions to WoWWiki ==
*added glow info on demonslayer, beastslayer, elemental slayer, icy, and crusader
*added [[Working the Auction House]]
*added [[Huntard]] to Game Terms
*added Memorable Quotes to [[Yimo]], [[Blazer]] and [[Gwaar]]
*added [[Serphentos]], [[Monori]], [[Ball]], [[Xconzoa]], [[Thainor]]
*after adding the TotP 2 characters listed above, I then undid my own work and put them all on one page, [[Tales of the Past II Characters]]
*added The [[Battle of Khaz Modan]]
*added music section to [[Tales of the Past II]]
*added book preview to [[Tales of the Past II]]
*added Red Dress Tauren to the Easter Eggs section of [[Tales of the Past II]]
*added "Demon or Dae'Mon?" to [[Demon]]
*added "The Old Gods?" to [[Naga]]
*added "Illidan: King or Pawn?" to [[Illidan]]
*added picture of Illidan kneeling with the Skull of Gul'Dan to [[Illidan]]
*added "Memorable Quotes" to [[Mannoroth]]
*added [[WoW Model Viewer]]
*added "Memorable Quotes" to [[Grom Hellscream]]
*added the pictures, "The Lich King seen within the Frozen Throne" and "Arthas and Ner'Zhul Merging" to [[Lich King]]
*added picture of Malfurion with the Horn of Cenarius to [[Horn of Cenarius]]
*added "Origin of the name?" to [[Dragonmaw Clan]]
*added "Memorable Quotes" to [[Gul'Dan]] - not many, though.
*added "Kathune" to [[Old Gods]] (only to have it removed because there was no solid evidence - that's why we call it SPECULATION, people!)
*added [[retnoob]]
*added [[retadin]]
*added Illidan's death speech to the Memorable Quotes section of [[Illidan]]
*added "Quick Gear Change" to [[Useful macros/Paladin]]
*added the picture, Jitters' Finished Journal, to the page [[Jitters' Completed Journal]]
*added [[Guild:Knights of the Rose (Staghelm US)]]
*added [[User:Peregrine2976/Tales of the Past - Books]]
*added Paladins - Retribution to the "Class Strategies" section of [[Curator]]
*added several pictures to the [[World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King]] page
*added additional information on speculated death knight spells to [[World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King]] (the bit about necromantic spells)
*added "Death Knights at a glance" to the Death Knight section of [[World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King]]
== Upcoming Works ==
*Currently writing a book series about [[Tales of the Past]]
*Currently researching known facts, speculations, and lore about The [[Ashbringer]], to be condensed into a single page (hoping that the Ashbringer questline HAS in fact been added to the game, and we simply haven't found it yet)
== His love of the WoW Model Viewer... ==
Peregrine enjoys taking screenshots from the WoW Model Viewer, then stitching them together to make grand, scenic pictures or logos/banners such as these:
Image:Grom Hellscream's Redemption.JPG
Image:Heroes of Outland.JPG
Image:Illidan before the moon.JPG
Image:Illidan Confronted By Kil'Jaeden.JPG
Image:Orcs vc. Draenei.JPG
Image:Rise of the Horde.JPG
Image:Alliance Banner.JPG
Image:Horde Banner.JPG
Image:Scourge Banner.JPG
Image:Bosses Peregrine2976.JPG
== Miscellaneous ==
Most of my edits will have to do with either fanfiction or lore, I tend to be mostly unknowledgable when it comes to game mechanics. Most of my edits will be pure speculation. I specialize in knowledge of [[Illidan Stormrage]], [[Medivh | Magna Medivh]], and The [[Old Gods]] - knowledge that is, for the most part, pure speculation (again). Mostly, I catch all the little details that Blizzard forgets, or that Blizzard purposely puts in and other people fail to notice - I'm not too good at the big picture, as it were, just perfecting the corners of it.
Favorite WarCraft characters: [[Illidan Stormrage]], [[Mannoroth]], [[Grom Hellscream]], [[Medivh | Magna Medivh]], [[Deathwing]], [[Kel'Thuzad]], and [[Arthas]]/[[Lich King]].
== The Dragon Rider Exiles ==
<!-- {{guild}} This is a user page not a guild please dont use the guild tag. see for info on creating a guild page. -->
=== The Founding of DRE ===
Long ago, Peregrine, a mere level 23 Paladin, was a member of the <Dragon Riders> guild. The guild was ruled by Skipster, a Gnome Warlock. He was perhaps the greatest Guild Master ever to walk the lands of Azeroth. But weep... for it would not last. One day, Skipster announced to the guild some most disquieting news: He would soon be leaving the guild! He was to choose a new Guild Master soon. He chose... Shyvar.
There had always been enmity between Peregrine and Shyvar, mostly because Shyvar disapproved of the way Peregrine played the game. She believed in racing madly to level 60, while Peregrine wanted to squeeze every bit of enjoyment he could out of the game. Shyvar often chided him for making many alternate characters, and had often appealed to Skipster to ask him to kick out all of Peregrine's alts.
[[Image:DRElogo.jpg |thumb| The Guild Logo of the former Dragon Rider Exiles]]
So when Shyvar became the new Guild Master, her first act was to gkick all of Peregrine's alts and then demote Peregrine himself to the lowest rank possible, thus inhibiting him even from talking in guild chat. Trying to preserve some dignity, Peregrine respectfully (or not) submitted his resignation to Shyvar, and left the <Dragon Riders>. Four players followed, out of their loyalty to Peregrine or their hatred of Shyvar. Gallantmon, Bigguss, Monkeyknight, and Lebra were their names.
For many months, they wandered the lands of Azeroth, joining guilds for a time and then leaving them again, for none could measure up to the <Dragon Riders> of old. Then, one day, Peregrine determined to resurrect the <Dragon Riders>. He dubbed the new guild <Dragon Rider Exiles>.
And thus is the end of it.
=== Birth of the Brethren ===
Many months passed in happiness and peace. But one day, a member - Achaetius - decided he would form his own guild. He respectfully asked Peregrine's permission, and it was granted.
Immediately, he set about making his guild. Dubbing it "<Brethren of Blood>", he began pooling members from the <Dragon Rider Exiles> themselves. Displeased, but not angry, Peregrine waited to see what would happen.
=== Failed Alliances ===
Eventually, the obvious was proposed - an alliance between the two guilds. Making an alternate character, DREemmisary, he joined this character in the <Brethren of Blood>.
There, he was confronted by Bebhlinn and Leduh, who had been in the <Dragon Rider Exiles> before and had been pointedly asked to leave after an incident at a guild event. Apparently Bebhlinn and Leduh had managed to corrupt Achaetius, for DREemmisary was thrown from the guild, ruining any further chances of alliance between the two guilds.
Since then, a tense, peaceful, hostility of sorts has existed between Peregrine and Achaetius - they still talk to each other quite a bit, but not with the same closeness, nor do they offer aid to one another any more.
=== Peregrine's Choice ===
Peregrine, after many months of leading the Dragon Rider Exiles, began to feel restless. He was level 60, but was unable to raid, as few members of his guild were of sufficient level and skill. He attempted to convert the guild into a raiding guild. Unfortunately, to do this, all the lower levels (below level 40) had to be gkicked. This was an extremely unpleasant thing for Peregrine to consider.
It was Monkeyknight, his trusted second in command, who came up with the solution: create an alternate guild for all the low levels. Gintonic was assigned to make this idea work. It was too much work, however, and the idea was scrapped. There was now only one choice for Peregrine.
He put Monkeyknight in charge of the guild, more out of a sense of loyalty to his friend than out of any recognition of skill, and joined DragonLance. Monkeyknight, however, also wished to join a raiding guild, so HE passed the guild on to ßuddy, who was in fact a better choice than Monkeyknight to begin with.
For a few weeks, all was well, then ßuddy decided to join <DragonLance> as well. So the DRE were eventually disbanded, but their legacy lives on... in these pages.
== Later Guilds ==
=== The Fall of DragonLance ===
Many months passed in peace, however, one day Jasmindria, a core member of DragonLance, announced that he was leaving the guild to start his own. Many of other of the greatest of their number left with him, and soon DragonLance was nothing but a tattered remnant of its former glory. Knights of the Rose, the guild Jasmindria had created, prospered and became a very successful raiding guild. Anneliese, the Guild Master of DragonLance, tried desperately to keep DragonLance together. She promoted new class leaders, and encouraged members to recruit as much as possible, but to no avail. Every time it seemed as though they would recover, another great member left to join Knights of the Rose.
Peregrine, having had enough of trying to help Anneliese bring a dead guild back to life, soon gquit and joined Knights of the Rose. Though his specialization as Retribution was mocked (after all, many misguided players like to believe Retribution is a talent worth nothing), he determined to prove them wrong, and he still strives toward that goal to this day.
However, he never forgot DragonLance as it used to be, and he tries without success to reconcile the Knights of the Rose to that tattered memory.
=== The Exile of Peregrine ===
A month after joining, Peregrine recieved a tell from Jasmindria. His 1 month long probation period was over... and it didn't look good. Some members, especially Moxore, who had always disliked Peregrine, began to complain about his "annoying personality" to Jasmindria. Unfortunately, 3 complaints warranted a gkick, and Peregrine was removed from the guild, for the reason above, and because he was a "gimp to raids" as a Retribution Paladin, due to the shortsightedness of KotR. Since then, he had wandered, guildless and alone, and he seeks a new guild to take him in and raid with him, but none will take him, and each day he thinks of Moxore and his friends, and what they took away from him.
=== Eternal Sin ===
Peregrine eventually found his way to Eternal Sin, a guild led by Slayya, a Retribution Paladin, so he knew he would not be turned away. He has such respect for the guild he has joined that he has made what is in his mind the ultimate sacrifice - he has respecced Holy to raid Karazhan. In Eternal Sin he now resides, and likely will for a long time.

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