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== Infamous Characters of Frostmane ==
== Infamous Characters of Frostmane ==
== Famous Horde Characters ==
{{Class Icon Priest Small}}'''Asuren''' - Known for being such a terrible leader that his guild disbanded 3X, selling all of the bank for cash. Also known for being arrested during an MC Raid over ventrilo for BEATING his "woman" who also plays WOW.
{{Class Icon Rogue Small}}'''Bukkakimus''' - A viscous rogue whose name is drawn from the Latin for "Coats, soothes, and relieves".
{{Class Icon Warlock Small}}'''Bohb''' - An AzN Ballah if there ever was one. This account appeared on eBay and was suspended shortly after.
'''Bizerk''' - a wannabe Ballah with minimal skill and maximum boasting
{{Class Icon Shaman Small}}'''Bignose''' - Biggest nosed Shaman ever. Period.
{{Class Icon Mage Small}}'''Cachexic''' - Possibly one of the greatest mage on the horde side. His skills of crowd controlling in battlegrounds is second to none. Recently attained the rank of High Warlord, for reasons that are a mystery to all.
{{Class Icon Priest Small}}'''Countrfeit''' - Hands down the most handsome priest on the server.
'''Datto''' - Known for his imfamous Blackwing Lair general chat and his immaturity. Often uses the word "timer" in vent
{{Class Icon Priest Small}}'''Geoghan''' - Highly skilled PvPer, known for his love of maces, and weird accent on vent. Incessantly talks about food while raiding, much to the annoyance of raid members. Is currently on a quest to achieve the world record for number of times ranked-deranked R11-R10.
{{Class Icon Warrior Small}}'''Gingara''' - Words are not fit to describe this beast. Perhaps the least feared and respected warrior on the server. The earth trembles under his large, soft body as he treads the continents of Kalimdor and Azeroth.
'''Holydead''' - hated whiner and tattletale, known for constantly threatening to report people
{{Class Icon Warrior Small}}'''Hoteplate''' - A fierce orc warrior who is clearly not gay (he does not enjoy the taste)
'''Kalbabe''' - posted on the forums alot pre-transfer. Real old school Frostmaner
'''Kyir''' - T3h nubz0rerz3r
{{Class Icon Druid Small}}'''Lard''' - A level 21 Tauren Druid sitting on the mailbox in the crossroads. An NPC was created in his honor. Recently leveled to 23.
{{Class Icon Warlock Small}}'''Raged''' - aka: Hurley. Talks the most shit of anyone on the entire server. Loves to crit shadowbolts for 5k and introduce people into the "1 shot club". Famous Rading Quote: "Oh I'm RAPING", followed by Raged pulling aggro.
{{Class Icon Priest Small}}'''Resi''' - First Horde High Warlord
'''Socalstare''' - Currently the undisputed most talented and effective player in the 20-29 WSG bracket. Socalstare, single handley took down 5 alliance twinks(with the alliance flag), then returned the horde flag, and then capped the flag to complete the 3-0 win while being outnumbered 10-6.
{{Class Icon Mage Small}}'''Skiny''' - Possibly a million times better than Cachexic. Is very sexy member of WARFRONT LOL.
{{Class Icon Warrior Small}}'''Skorp''' - Rumor has it that this infamous guild leader has created and destroyed over 47 guilds on this server alone. World renown for the love of himself, Skorp makes everyone around him a little less loving of everything. He hopes to one day break the record for most @ posts in the least amount of time.
{{Class Icon Rogue Small}}'''Swifilis''' - He was the first character on the server to make the legendary Thunderfury sword. The account was placed on ebay in March of 2006.
'''Toiletpaper''' - Two ply, quilted, and now with lotion.
'''Xuldune''' - Self-proclaimed Bard of Frostmane who came to fame with his unethical love of Kimmie, a scrumptious human female from early Frostmane days. Early accolades came with the epic collaborations of "The Lunch-Box Diaries" along with Kimmie, Atma, Arlya (Amoozing) and Santo.
'''Ztryder''' - aka: Ztryharder. Became infamous in the days before the Frostwolf transfers by obtaining a Pristine Hide under dubious circumstances. Self proclaimed god of Warsong Gultch.
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"Frostmane" is a PvP server (realm) in Central Timezone, US. Originally released in February of 2005, the transfers from the Frostwolf realm greatly changed the dynamic of the server in August of 2005. For the first six months of its existence, Frostmane was predominantly dominated by the horde, leading to an outclasses and severely outnumbered alliance. The influx of transfers from Frostwolf to Frostmane drastically changed the amount of alliance players.

Originally, the guilds Disband (horde) and Resolution (Alliance) dominated the Frostmane PVE scene. An alliance guild, Leather Gear Solid, focused on PVP exclusivly and member (Ganked) gunning for R14. Currently, the server is dominated by Vicious Cycle on the Alliance side, and Kinetic and Militia on the horde side.

PVP on Frostmane is extremely intense and fiercely competitive. Achieving the highest ranks require months of dedication, and have been accomplished almost exclusively by guilds who CP farm. Due to the population imbalance, horde que times are virtually instant, whereas alliance has to wait typically much longer.

Also known as:

  • Realm:Frostmane
  • "Frostlag"
  • "Crashmane"
  • "Dramamane"

Guilds of Frostmane:


Vicious Cycle - Currently the most successful guild on the alliance side, with many Grand Marshals and Twin Emps on farm.

Shar Hellven - a friendly PvE guild

War Front - also has Twin Emps down


Blood Vortex




Reloaded - Was known as RICE on Frostwolf *gankers*

Chosen One - Aussie / Asian guild which raids at weird hours

Empire (Created on Frostmane before server transfers, though not farming MC until after)

RÜN (Roots date back to Frostwolf RUN, AO)


Dizzy - a small, friendly guild

Army of Exiled - Frostmane native guild, lost core players in transfers.

main pre-Frostwolf guilds, now disbanded: Resolution, Metalis Gravis




Beyond Remorse - PvP-focused guild

Flowers of Happiness - Known to be the most hated horde guild ... by horde

Furious Lobster

Kinetic - this PvE-focused guild was formed from the pre-transfer guild Disband; currently the most successful horde PvE guild, with Twin Emps down

Militia - a large PvP-focused guild

Omerta - Was once known as Ht aka Hostile Takeover



Pre Frostwolf Noteworthies: Force of Will, Disband

Infamous Characters of Frostmane

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