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Altar of Storms

Altar of Storms - Official WoW forum

Original guild lists found here ; thanks to Jek

Other guild progressions found here ; thanks to Taynn

Official alliance mini-icon Alliance

Atrocity Website
Avernum Website
Cataclysmic Website
Cult of Ythrl Website
Denial Website
Eternal Warfare Website
Ethereal Website
Fall of Kings Website
Gods of War Website
Honor Website
Mindtrip Website
Nolli Secundus Website
O B L I V I O N Website
Reign Website
Serious Business Website
Unrivaled Website

Official horde mini-icon Horde

Asgard Website
Casuals Website
Fulcrum Shift Website
Fury Website
Imperium Website
Incarnadine Website
Juked Website
Nihilistic Website
Novo sanguis Website
Paradox Website
Ruination Website
Saints of Perdition Website
Sin Website
unseen Website

Guild Progression

Mindtrip (Alliance) has downed Azuregos, Lord Kazzak, Onyxia, and Hakkar. They also hold the first Ragnaros server kill (6/23/06).

Serious Business (Alliance) and O B L I V I O N (Alliance) both have downed Hakkar.

Random Facts

PvP Horde guild powerhouse Pr0ven Website from Arthas has rerolled Alliance here. Pr0ven is known for their consistant domination in the Arthas Battlegrounds and many High Warlord holders.

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