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NOTE: Rumors are unsubstantiated and commonly false.

  • Rumored Races: None of these have been officially confirmed or denied directly from Blizzard by a blue post or a press release.
RaceLikelihood of Selection   1st Appears    Reasoning
CentaurVery UnlikelyWoWHatred for Taruens
Xenophobic like Alliance
4 Legs Technical Difficulty
DraeneiPossibleWoWThe Draenei have no close ties to the Alliance.
They share a goal simillar to the Blood Elves to get to Outland which fits well with expansion.
CenarionVery UnlikelyWoWKeepers of the Grove, Male. Driad female.
Alliance Connection.
4 Legs Technical Difficulty
FurbolgPossibleWoWAlliance connection.
Have had many emotes added to them along with new animations.
GoblinExtremely UnlikelyWoWNetural Race not likely to side with Horde or Alliance.
GnollsUnlikelyWoWAt War with Alliance
TigonDebunked by GamerGodFan FictionOnly Verifiable Reference to Tigon is Fan Fiction
Debunk by GamerGod
TuskarrUnlikelyWC3: TFTUnlikely to appear without Northrend
Mountain GiantUnlikelyWC3Possible Balance Issues
Lore Connections to Alliance
MurlocPossibleWC3Currently at War with Alliance
Rumors of Verging on Sentience
Gaming Steve Merloc Rumor
NagaVery UnlikelyWC3No Legs, No Lore Connections to Alliance
NerubianVery UnlikelyWC3Many Legs
No Lore Connections to Alliance
Unlikely to appear without Northrend
OgrePossibleWC1-3Traditionally Horde Race
Originally from Draenor/Outland
Ogres were touched up a bit with a few of their animations
Ogre Rumor
PandarenDebunked by GamespyWC3The Pandaren Rumor has not been verified by Blizzard
[Gamespy debunked Pandarens] for this expansion pack
WorgenExtremely UnlikelyWoWThe Worgen Rumor has been debunked
  • At Blizzcon, creative director, Chris Metzen had this to say regarding the new race: "When we finally reveal [the alliance race], it's gonna blow your mind. At first, you are gonna say 'whaa?', but then 'wow...'. It's gonna be awesome."
  • According to GamerGod, Caydiem said: "Do you really think we'd introduce a race of jungle cat-people that has absolutely no relation to Outland whatsoever? ;)"

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