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Neutral 32 Field Duty
StartWindcaller Kaldon
EndWindcaller Kaldon
Requires Level 60
ReputationCenarion Circle +50
RewardsChoose one of:
[Combat Assignment]
[Logistics Assignment]
[Tactical Assignment]

This quest is part of the Silithus Field Duty quest system. As noted above, there are parallel alliance and horde versions of this quest.

Objectives (paraphrased)

Windcaller Kaldon wants you to...

  1. Prepare your Unsigned Field Duty Papers (by using them).
  2. Have them signed by the leader in your faction's camp:
    Official alliance mini-icon Captain Blackanvil of the Ironforge Brigade near Hive'Zora
    Official horde mini-icon Krug Skullsplit of the Orgrimmar Legion near Hive'Regal
  3. Return the Signed Field Duty Papers to him at Cenarion Hold in Silithus.

Quest items:

Provided Item:

Description (paraphrased)

Greetings! We don't know you, so you need to prove yourself in the field. Get your faction's leader to sign these papers (you may need to talk to a subordinate to have the leader called), and bring them back to me. Do that and I'll make more work for you...

<He points you off to the proper camp.>

Oh, and stay away from the other side's camp. They're kinda twitchy here. Twitchy and mean.

Completion (paraphrased)

With that red tape out of the way, I can start assigning you some generic tasks to keep you out of my hair.

Oh, yeah. We can always give you more work; just ask.


You can choose one of the following:


This quest is repeatable, but not a daily quest. Come early, come often.

When you get to the camp, you have to talk to someone:

You'll be given a dialog option (for instance, Janela will have you 'wait for the captain'). Selecting the option will start a small event.

A short while into the event, a giant monster will show up. The Alliance gets a Hive'Zora Abomination, while the Horde get a Hive'Regal Hunter-Killer. The local army, including the NPC who is to sign your papers, starts fighting the monster. In each case, the NPCs at the army site are almost certain to destroy the monster without your help. However, without your aid, there is a good chance that the NPC you need will be among the ones who die.

That is, you should help out in the fight. Doing damage to the monster, and healing the NPC leader are both steps in the right direction. A single character at level 60 is almost certain to tip the balance enough to keep the NPC alive. At level 70, it is virtually certain.

Note: healing the NPCs will flag you for PvP, a consideration when on a non-PvP server.

Historical note

Having to prepare the papers was added to this quest because it added a cooldown. Prior to that, it was possible, for someone fleet of foot, to run the Field Duty twice, having killed the monster only once.

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