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(The Ogre Rumor)
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= The Ogre Rumor =
= The Ogre Rumor =
Posted by [ Destian] Level 60 Human Priest (The Brute Squad) Realm: Alleria
Every town with Ogres in it is either Neutral, or Horde.
'''' Ogre Rumor ''''
Ogres are one of the few non-faction races we can be absolutely positive are not going to join the Alliance.
1. Months back, in response to ogres being remodeled, Caydiem mentioned that ogres were having their model redone for "more use later on".
2. Chris Metzen said he wanted the alliance race to be similar to the forsaken's alliance with the horde: a somewhat questionable and unusual pact made against a common foe.
Metzen's exact quote was something along the lines of, "Your first reaction will be "WHAT!?!?" but then you'll say, "I guess that makes sense."
3. Caydiem dropped the hint that the alliance race would have something to do with Outland, then went back to correct herself in an EDIT by saying that she wasn't implying it would HAVE to be Outland. This was the thread in which she dismissed the fake Tigon pictures found here:
Ogres, orcs and Draenei are the three original races from outland. "The Draenei are one of the three primary races native to Draenor (the others being the Orcs and the Ogres)." (source: )
4. The horde has what appears to be a minimal relationship with the ogres. There's one ogre settlement in Dustwallow which is loyal to the horde, but ogres are largely scattered throughout the game, splintered into many, MANY tribes, not unlike the trolls.
The Blood elves want get to Outland. Who's to say the ogres (or a specific TRIBE of ogres) does not have similar goals? If they can write the BEs to the horde, despite the forest trolls and UD killing them and laying siege to their old homeland for generations, I'm quite certain a falling-out between these ogres and the horde is certainly possible.
5. Their capital would be in Kalimdor, thus balancing the starting locations for all races (as I do believe this will need to remain balanced). There's a HUGE section of land directly to the west of Stonetalon Peak which could quite easily house a starting zone.
This is an accurate map of the existing landmass in the WoW world. Look directly to the LEFT of Stonetalon Peak: notice the landmass which actually exists there? It's more than large enough for a starting zone with room to spare for a capital. Plus, this feeds directly into STM, a level 15-27 area, perfect for the newbie ogres to head in the direction of their NE allies.
This would be an ideal place for the location of a starting zone. Also, IMAGINE what would happen if, on the day the expansion was released, both new races started on one continent as 50% of the server population rolled a new BE or ogre on EK. That's right. Server crash.
6. Blood elves are a former ally of the alliance. Ogres are a former ally of the horde. I say "former" because we've not seen much in the way of ogre presence in the horde's favor and what little there is could EASILY be explained by the fact that different tribes of ogres exist, JUST like the seemingly endless troll tribes.
7. Taken from
Ogres are one of the few races that are not indigenous to Azeroth. They were actually brought from the world of Draenor during the First War a generation ago. The ogres of today are not the stupid, lumbering brutes they once seemed to be. In fact, many of the ogre lords have rallied the remnants of their people that were scattered when the horde fell. Though their plans are unknown, there is no doubt that these powerful, deceptively intelligent warriors will gather their forces once more.
8. I hate to say it, but Bliz is LAZY! It would be far easier to use the already completed male ogre model, create the female ogre, and call it a day. Pandaren, "pure" Draenei, or any other unseen race would need to be made from scratch. Their idea for a new race for the horde was redesigned elves/humans (the male Blood Elf was based from the NE model, as the female Blood Elf was based from the Human model: watching the animations shows this clear as day). The reason the Alliance race hasn't been announced is because they are making 3D Models from scratch, supposedly, delaying the time the Alliance race is announced.
9. The benefit of the horde getting an "alliance-like" race is that players on the alliance growing bored with their faction might be compelled to try the other side, thus extending the life of their subscription and the overall $$$ made by Bliz.
From a business perspective, it would be in Bliz best interest to give the horde an alliance like race and give the alliance a horde like race because you want players on BOTH sides to consider switching over and effectively playing the entire game all over again. To this end, the ogres would be a PERFECT choice.
10. New ogres on Outland:
== Speculation Section ==
PS. I have a theory and it's going FAR out on a limb here...BUT...
I think it's a tribe of ogres who want to make an appeal to the alliance, and I think they could do this by rescuing the king of Stormwind from his prison on Alcaz Isle.
If you recall, the "Missing Diplomat" quest ended abruptly, leaving the true king of Stormwind still imprisoned on this island guarded by elite hydras and naga of all kinds. If you remember, he's still there:
Also, quoted from a Blizzcon goer who was there for the Q&A sessions about the expansion:
Lingering quest lines, including the intrigue with the Grimtotem Tauren and the fate of the King of Stormwind will be resolved, although the team couldn’t promise an immediate resolution. But things are happening: The King of Stormwind will be gone from the island prison many players have found him in when the 1.9 patch goes live.
“We know there are some unfinished quest lines out there that we’ll get back to,? Pat Nagel said.
If this ogre tribe were to try to gain favor with the alliance, I can think of no better way than returning the alliance's true king to the throne.
Again, MASSIVE speculation, but that would tie up the plot, nicely.
<p><b>Alternate speculation:</b>
<br>If the Dark Portal is opened BEFORE The Burning Crusade is released (it's possible for it to be open without players being able to go through it), Khadgar and the gang might come through with ogres behind him. --[[User:Kakwakas|Kakwakas]] 18:53, 2 Jan 2006 (EST)

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The Ogre Rumor

Every town with Ogres in it is either Neutral, or Horde.

Ogres are one of the few non-faction races we can be absolutely positive are not going to join the Alliance.

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