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Alliance 32 C'Thun's Legacy
StartEye of C'Thun
Requires Level 59
CategoryHellfire Peninsula
Experience40-500 XP
or  at Level 100
ReputationWildhammer +100-500
Rewards[Stoneskin Totem] or [Earth Totem]
123Gold 45Silver 67Copper
PreviousYour Place in the World
NextScarab Shells

This quest is about something. Here, you write briefly what that something is. Mention any prerequisites or special notes about the quest here. Must have 300 fishing skill. Prerequisite quests should be mentioned in the tooltip and the quest series section below.


Bring some items to some person in some place.

You will need:


Some person in some place wants you to kill some people



For details about the quest, like the geographic coordinates of an NPC, consider including that information in the NPCs article. Also, be sure to create links out of pronouns, like items, names, places, and quests mentioned in the quest text.


Through my divinations, I see that an item of power hides deep within the Burning Blade Coven, guarded by beasts and black magic.

It is called the Burning Blade Medallion, and your next task is to find it and remove it from the coven.

But be wary, for the medallion may be possessed by an agent of the Burning Blade, and if so then the agent's power would be greater than the familiars you have already encountered.

Go, <name>. You will find the coven in a cave, to the north and west.


Use this section to outline items with different stats.

For choices or multiple rewards, use a list, e.g.

You will be allowed to choose one of the following:


You will be rewarded with all of the following:


What does the NPC say when you talk to him when you're not done with the quest yet? This information can sometimes be found on Wowhead. Note that not all quests have progress text.


How does the NPC congratulate you when you're done with the quest? This information can sometimes be found on Wowhead.

Quest progression

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