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Box of Chocolates is a container item obtained during the Love is in the Air seasonal event.


Box of Chocolates may be obtained randomly from guards and NPCs during the Love is in the Air seasonal event inside a [Gift of Adoration] or [Pledge of Adoration].

Box of Chocolates may also be obtained as a quest reward during the Love is in the Air event, for turning an [Alliance Gift Collection] or [Horde Gift Collection] into Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, or for completing the fourth quest in the Dangerous Love quest chain:


This item will contain six of the following, chosen at random:

The chocolates are buffing candies.
The Empty Wrappers are Wrapping Paper.


Eating one of each of the four candies is needed for Sweet Tooth, an achievement which is in turn required for the Fool For Love World Event meta-achievement.


See the talk page for a discussion of the odds of each item.

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