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[[Image:BlackMorass.jpg|thumb|The Black Morass]]
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''Were you looking for [[The Black Morass (instance)|The Black Morass]] as it appears in the [[Caverns of Time]]?''
'''Black Morass''' was the area that is currently divided into the [[Blasted Lands]] and the [[Swamp of Sorrows]]. It is where the [[orc]]s first appeared in [[Azeroth]] through the [[Dark Portal]].
When the Dark Portal was opened, the area around it began to wither, eventually becoming the barren Blasted Lands.
By the end of the Second War and the destruction of the Dark Portal by [[Khadgar]], the entire Morass was still a swamp. However, the link between the two worlds remained, even after Draenor's destruction, and the damaging effects of the portal continued; leaving behind the wasteland of today.
During the [[Second War]], the Black Tooth Grin Clan established its bases on this area and was entrusted with the keeping of the Dark Portal.
== The Burning Crusade ==
It is available as an in-game region with the [[Burning Crusade]] expansion, accessible through the [[Caverns of Time]] in the event called [[Opening the Dark Portal]].
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