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This is going to be fun!

See Fandom and Curse Media are joining forces

by Brandon Rhea | December 12, 2018

Prepare for the wave of hate and disillusionment too... Wowpedia folks must be stunned by the betrayal.

Also, we'll probably have to look into the massive project of trying to integrate Wowpedia somehow... they have lots of good stuff to steal... heh heh.

Here is a thread on this topic at the official WoW story forum.

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• 6h

Blizzard sends holiday greetings!

Wanted to share with everyone the greetings that Blizzard sent along - hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

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• 1d

Is BFA worth it

I love WOW, but a bunch of people are saying that BFA is awful, and 50 bucks is too much for something that isn't good. So I ask is BFA worth it?
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• 4d

A newbie starting fresh out guys. Help me too get around.

I looking to connect with people again. Just come out of a long down slide and the sun is starting to shine for me again. So let's connect the world " let's put the light switch ON of "LIFE" again,We did it once let's do it AGAIN!! ENJOY LADY'S and Gentlemen.PEACES
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• 12/5/2018

Darkshore Warfront inbound

I don't know about you, but it's nice to see the night elves launching a counter-strike against the Horde. Not all night elves are the kind that dance on mailboxes, and hopefully this new Warfront will bring that to Sylvie's attention. The preview cinematic was nice to see, with Malfurion all "rawr" and Tyrande all "evil eye", so we'll see how this Warfront progresses.

Preview: New Warfront — Battle for Darkshore - WoW
Preview: New Warfront — Battle for Darkshore - WoW World of Warcraft
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• 12/4/2018

World of Warcraft

I picked this game up a while back and I loved it, it was just before BC. Wish I can get back into it right now.
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• 12/1/2018
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• 11/27/2018


Apparently according to those with "inside knowledge" at Kotaku, Blizz may be developing a mobile Warcraft game a la Pokemon Go. My first reaction was pretty eye-rolling, but then it occurred to me they could literally copy the same format and apply it to our little companion pets.

Still eye-rolling, but at least I probably won't be catching Jaina. Wait a minute....

Blizzard may copy 'Pokémon Go' for a 'Warcraft' mobile game
Blizzard may copy 'Pokémon Go' for a 'Warcraft' mobile game Engadget
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• 11/27/2018

Death knight worlds

Hey guys are their other fantasy worlds that have death knights like other games and anime
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• 11/24/2018

New to Mage

Hi Guys. Im new to mage class. Recently reached 120. My IL is 325 atm.

Been playing around with fire, Arcane and frost.

Ive got the burst down with fire but stuggle getting progs seeing as im always on defending in Arena's
Could be the hard focus becuase of my HP. Seeing as i am low IL atm.

Frost i find i have more mobility to move around and get out of tricky situations but i struggle getting burst down and basically end up more supporting than anything.

Arcane i find easier. But asa you run out of mana and you need evocation you get stunned or kicked and you are useless.

Alot of people play frost. But im not a huge fan of the spec.

Any advice or help with rotation. Openings etc. Will be appreciated.

Like i said im very new to this class. Been playing rogue and ret pally all the time.

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• 11/21/2018

New member

Hi im new 🦸🏻‍♂️
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• 11/19/2018

Get yer Corgi shades!

Yes, amongst the anniversary festivities this year, Blizz is giving folks the opportunity to get their hands on their very own Corgi glasses. No, they aren't glasses shaped liked Corgis :P After you don them, friendly players and NPCs shazam into little itty bitty Corgis. D'awwww,

Celebrate 14 Years of World of Warcraft! - WoW
Celebrate 14 Years of World of Warcraft! - WoW World of Warcraft
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• 11/18/2018

New Person

Hi I'm new to this fandom
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• 11/18/2018


I am new
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• 11/17/2018


i’m new
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• 11/16/2018

Fire Mage DPS

Anyone who can suggest a reliable guide which can help me improve my dps. Thank you :)
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• 11/14/2018

Battle for Azeroth! (NO SPOILERS)

I have not played since Legion and I was wondering how different/better BFA is?
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• 11/13/2018

Battle Pets

Why are battle pets a thing? If you want them go play Pokémon or something. The numerous traits and UI pop-ups get annoying sometimes. I mean, don’t get me wrong their cool to have around following you but they are personally a waste of time. Anyone else have input?
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• 11/5/2018

Waycrest Manor secret

If you're hopping into Waycrest Manor, it looks like Blizz threw in a pretty cool musical Easter Egg. Just defeat the witches guarding the organs ;)

World of Warcraft Group Uncovers A Cool Secret in Waycrest Manor -
World of Warcraft Group Uncovers A Cool Secret in Waycrest Manor -
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• 11/4/2018

WoW Classic is a flash from the past

I still don’t get why people want this, but it seems faithful to the pre-BC WoW. The crazy talent trees are there, the old UI is there.

It’s so annoying, though. They also faithfully restored the awful drop rates! I killed like 40 plainstriders to get 7 beaks.

I didn’t notice if weapon skills were still around.

The best thing about Classic is that it should have some of the great epic quest chains that Cataclysm ripped out.

Below is a screenshot of the recreation of my first WoW character ever... Brahmata the druid.

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