World of Warcraft World Map

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World of Warcraft World Map

By Bart G. Farkas. Published by BradyGames.

The World of Warcraft World Map is not just a tool to help you find your way around Azeroth — it's also a work of art worthy of display. This large poster will look great on the wall of your game room or your living room!

  • 2-sided, full-color poster ready for framing.
  • Side 1: the Azeroth map with all flight paths — highlights the Horde, Alliance, Neutral, and Druid-only travel points.
  • Side 2: the Azeroth map, unfettered — shows a clear view of the topography of the islands.
  • Large 36" x 48" dimensions fit standard poster frame size.[1] [2]

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This publication currently is not for sale.

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