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* [[TOC file]] · [[TOC format]] - WoW AddOn "manifest" file.
* [[TOC file]] · [[TOC format]] - WoW AddOn "manifest" file.
* [[Bindings file]] - for creating key bindings.
* [[XML file]] - WoW AddOn 'XML' UI element file.
* [[LUA file]] - WoW AddOn 'Lua' code file.
* [[Bindings file]] - for creating key bindings, or AddOn key shortcuts.
* [[AddOn_loading_process|Loading Process]] - WoW AddOn loading process.
* [[AddOn_loading_process|Loading Process]] - WoW AddOn loading process.

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This is the WoW AddOn development main reference.

Use Reference for detailed information, Guides for getting started and further understanding, and Summary for overall concepts details. See AddOns for general information on the term AddOn.


WoW AddOn files and related files and concepts

Content Files

  • BLP file · - Main WoW art and texture format.
  • Edge file · - Texture file with special layout for use as a border.

WoW Files



WoW is capable of loading special files used to describe and create UI elements and code. WoW uses these files to create User Interface functionality for its own interface. These files and facilities can also be used for creating custom user UI functionality, or AddOns for WoW. Before getting started, every developer should read familiarize themselves with the Blizzard AddOn Policy.

Example file layout anatomy of a basic WoW AddOn:

  • {WoW Install} (folder) - your WoW installation folder
    • Interface (folder)
      • AddOns (folder)
        • MyAddOn (folder) - your addons own folder, must match the .toc name
          • MyAddOn.toc (TOC File) - WoW AddOn "manifest" file
          • MyAddOn.xml (FrameXML) - XML file with visible element definitions
          • MyAddOn.lua (Lua) - Code file, with instructions for AddOn behavior

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