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Typee Subtype Specific
Brain Brain
IconSmall Brain
Disguises Murloc Suit Bc icon
IconSmall MurlocSuit
IconSmall Snowman
Eternals Loa
IconSmall Hakkar
Naaru Bc icon
IconSmall Naaru
Old Gods
IconSmall OldGod
Fleshbeasts Fleshbeast Bc icon
IconSmall Fleshbeast
Obsidian statues Anubisath General - Anubisath
IconSmall Anubisath
IconSmall Horusath
Obsidian destroyer
IconSmall ObsidianDestroyer
Oozes Giant slime
IconSmall GiantSlime
IconSmall Ooze
IconSmall Oozeling
Greater SlimeCataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall Sludge
Mercurial OozeCataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall MercuryOoze
Nespirah FluidCataclysm-Logo-Small
IconSmall Fluid
Reliquaries Reliquary of Souls Bc icon / Devourer of Souls
IconSmall Reliquary
Tentacles Tentacle General - Tentacles
IconSmall Tentacle
Eye stalk
IconSmall EyeStalk
Other Unknown (Use when race/gender is unknown)
Inv misc questionmark

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